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We provide and service a wide range or either Air Heaters that are compact and powerful or Water Heaters that provide comfort like being at home!

Classic Cars - Early CFC refrigerant (R12 / RS24)

Air Heaters

Why choose an air heater?

Webasto can ensure that, even on the coldest day, your cab is lovely and warm before you even start work! air heaters are easy to install and cost-effective. A cab that is cosy warm even before starting work, a clear view without ice and snow – and all that with easy installation and handling. Air heaters make your vehicles more comfortable, efficient, and cost-effective, fit for work no matter how cold the temperature is outside!

The air heaters heat up the air directly in the heater and bring it into the cabin. Air Top air heaters are designed for the fast and economical heating of drivers’ cab and interior and for the regulation of temperatures in cargo holds. Webasto air heater range includes models starting with an output range of 0.9 up to 22 kW.

Air Top air heaters: Compact & powerful!

Within a short time, Webasto air heaters generate pleasantly cozy warmth on your boat. Various warm air outlets ensure excellent dehumidification of the vessel. Air heaters are particularly suited for sailing and motorboats of up to 45 feet.


  • Heat output from 2 kW up to 5.5 kW
  • Short heat-up times thanks to effective heat output
  • Complete installation kits for quick and simple retrofitting
  • Effective dehumidification of cabins
  • Whisper-quiet running
  • Ideal for sailing and motorboats up to 45 feet
  • Complete independence from shore power or seawater temperature


Standard Cars - CFC refrigerant (R134a)

Water Heater

Why choose a water heater?

Its a well-known fact that starting an engine from cold is not only inefficient but increases component wear and thus decreases engine life. This results in not only higher fleet operating costs, but more increased fuel requirements and vehicle downtime. Webasto water heaters provide the ideal solution to eliminate these problems. The water heater is integrated into the engine’s own coolant circuit and brings all fluids and components up to the optimum operating temperature even before starting work.

Our comprehensive range of water heaters with outputs from 2.2 up to 35 kW ensures that there is a heater to suit every application. So the engine start is guaranteed even at low outside temperatures. Furthermore, the driver’s cab is pleasantly pre-heated. This eliminates the need for fuel-intensive idling while stationary and during rest breaks.

Water heaters: Comfort just like home.

Webasto water heaters not only ensure even heat distribution in the boat but also provide domestic hot water by utilising a boiler. These compact heaters can be installed in even the smallest engine room and can be easily combined with Webasto chiller air-conditioners to form an integrated climate control system



  • Heat output from 2.5 kW up to 35 kW
  • Quiet distribution of heat through silent radiators or fan heat exchangers
  • Hot water for the galley and showers
  • Remote installation saves cabin space and ensures silent operation
  • Excellent possibilities for combining with Webasto chiller air-conditioning systems

Retrofit Parking Heater – no more ice-scraping

Get into a cosy warm car and enjoy the many benefits a Webasto Parking Heater has to offer. Start the day in a good mood by upgrading your car with a Parking Heater from Webasto.

In many everyday situations, having a preheated car pays off and offers you extra comfort. Do you want a frozen car in the company parking lot after work, get into a cold car after skiing or scrape ice in an evening gown? In the winter you drive more often than you think. And you don’t always have your warm garage available. Do the math yourself. You will be amazed at how quickly the purchase of a Webasto parking heater pays for itself.

Webasto stands for technological superiority and outstanding quality. Because Webasto tests its own heaters under extreme conditions that are more stringent than all the test institutes. This is also substantiated by the awards by unbiased institutes and media.

Heater Repair Service

We provide a heater repair service at our workshop in New Romney. You can either drop in and speak to one of the team who will be happy to take a look and advise on the best options available, or you can post it to us by following the instructions below.

  • Click HERE to print the Heater Repair Form
  • Fill in the form completely
  • Box up the Heater with the Heater Repair Form enclosed (so we know how it’s from 😉 )
  • Post it Recorded Delivery to SubZero, Unit 3/4 Learoyd Road, New Romney, Kent, TN28 8XU

Once we have received your item we will contact you and provide you with our initial inspection findings.

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